Appreciated by artists

Our acrylic painting paper is appreciated by artists worldwide because of its bulkiness and its natural surface texture. Schut Paper’s acrylic painting paper is made using 100% wood-free cellulose, is pH-neutral and acid-free. As a result thereof, it is very resistant to ageing. You have the option to choose between various surfaces, grammages and dimensions. We are confident that with these options, we offer an acrylic painting paper that suits your preferences, no matter whether you are just starting out as an artist or are a professional painter.

Our acrylic painting paper is available in several standard grades and dimensions under our own brand: Acryl. These papers are white, acid-free and made with 100% high-quality wood-free cellulose. The papers under this brand are also suitable for other wet-techniques. Blocks are glued on one side.

Besides our own brand, we also produce acrylic painting papers under the private labels of customers such as yourself. If you opt for this route, you would have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to surface, sizing, grammage, dimensions and formulation. The development and production of private label acrylic painting paper is already possible for orders from 2 tons.

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