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Schut Paper produces paper for sketching and drawing with various surfaces; felt-marked papers as well matte and smooth qualities are amongst the possibilities. The paper is made using 100% wood-free cellulose and is resistant to aging as it is pH-neutral and acid-free. Sketching and drawing paper can be produced in many grammages and dimensions, which means there is always a type of paper that fits your needs as an artist.

Our sketching and drawing paper is available in several standard grades and dimensions under our own brands:

  • Artist Drawing Paper. This is an acid-free, white drawing paper that is sized and has good erasure properties. It is a suitable substrate for many drawing mediums, including pencil, charcoal, pastel and pen. Blocks are glued on one short side.
  • Dessin & Dessin a Grain. Acid-free, natural white sketching and drawing paper made with 100% wood-free cellulose. These excellent drawing papers come at an attractive price. The 90 g/m2 blocks have a natural surface texture and a Wire-O/spiral binder on the short side. The 125 and 180 g/m2 blocks have a light felt-marked texture on the top side of the sheets and are glued on the short side of the block.
  • Simili Japon. A lightly tinted paper with a unique, smooth surface that is perfect for calligraphy. The paper is marked with a ‘Holland VGZ’ watermark.

Besides these sketching and drawing papers of our own brand, we also offer the possibility to develop and produce private-label drawing paper. In this case you will have many more options to choose from in terms of surface, sizing, grammage, dimensions and composition. We can produce paper under private label for orders of 2 tonnes upwards.

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