Paper that lasts for centuries

Our oil painting papers are produced in a traditional way, as when our mill was founded in 1618. The formulation for this paper was perfected over the years. Today, the paper contains a special barrier that prevents the oil paint from bleeding through the paper and onto the surface below. Our oil painting papers are all produced with 100% wood-free cellulose. Because of its pH-neutral and acid-free properties, it is extremely resistant to ageing. Because you have the option to choose between several surfaces, grammages and dimensions, we are certain you will find an oil painting paper in our portfolio that satisfies your needs.

Our oil painting paper is available in various standard grades and dimensions under our own brand: Pigment. These are white, acid-free oil painting papers with a linen-structure made with only high-quality wood-free cellulose. Schut Pigment oil painting paper is suitable for even the most demanding artists, as this paper captures true to life colour. Blocks are glued on one side.

In addition to our own brand, we also offer the possibility to develop oil painting papers under your own label. In this case, the paper would be developed and produced fully according to your own specifications and based on your own preferences in terms of surface, sizing, grammage, dimensions and composition. Production of such private label paper grades is possible for orders up from 2 tons.

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