Jeans paper

Jeans paper

This paper owes its jeans-blue colour and soft touch to the addition of 50% recycled jeans fibres.

Cocoa paper

Cocoa paper

This paper with its unique, luxurious appearance is made with a high percentage of cocoa shells and elevates any packaging to the next level.

Foliage paper

Foliage paper2

This paper is made with different types of seasonal foliage throughout the year. This enables a year-round availability with the same specifications and a similar appearance.

Valorise by Schut Papier


Valorise by Schut Papier is an uncoated paper grade with a unique formulation based on tomato plant residues sourced from local greenhouses.

Tulip bulb paper

Tulip bulb paper

It won’t get more Dutch: this distinctive and circular paper is made using tulip bulbs from Dutch soil.

Paper from your own residues

Paper own redidues

Do you have your own ideas on circular papers, for example one made with your own residues? We’re more than happy to bring your ideas to life!

Sustainable paper inspired by our past

That the future of the producing industries lies in the use of bio-based materials, urban thinking and a circular economy has become evident in the past few years. Who combines this way of thinking with 400 years of experience in papermaking comes to a surprising conclusion: making paper using locally available residues makes perfect sense! In fact, this was common practice in our past.

In our near vicinity we can find plenty of fibrous residues. Agriculture, food processing, the textile industry and roadsides of highways and local roads are all examples of places where fibrous materials are processed. As a side-product from these processes, fibrous residues are produced that often do not have an application (yet). A waste, if you ask us, as these residues can also be used to make beautiful and sustainable paper with!

Spot the differences

A tomato is not a tulip bulb and straw is not grass, and this shows! Every type of circular paper has its own distinctive appearance, because no two residues are exactly the same. Therefore, a paper made with tomato plant fibres looks different than paper made with tulip bulbs, onion skins, coffee bean silverskins, cocoa shells or jeans fibres. Moreover, because the fibrous residues are distributed over the paper randomly, no two sheets are exactly the same either.

What these circular paper grades do have in common is that every single one of them will instantly grab your attention! You won’t be the first who feels the urge to sniff on these papers and touch them to feel their unique texture. This is the power of our circular papers! Whichever type of circular paper you choose, and whether you decide to use it for graphical applications or for packaging purposes, the paper will undoubtedly transform your product into an eye-catcher.

Tailor-made paper using your own residues

Over the past few years, an extensive range of residues has already been transformed into beautiful and distinctive paper grades, each with its own story to tell and with its own application(s). Promotional materials, business cards, general printing or packaging; it's all amongst the possibilities. A few examples to inspire:

  • Tomato packaging made with the cuttings of tomato plants
  • Luxury chocolate wrappings made of cocoa shell paper in two shades: milk and dark
  • jeans-blue product labels for jeans with a distinctive soft touch, made from residual fibres from jeans recycling processes
  • Park maps for ‘the Keukenhof’ tulip gardens made from the tulips that were on show there in the previous year
  • Flower wrapping paper made from flowers that could not be sold
  • General printing for a municipality, made with the grass that was mown from local roadsides

In other words: the possibilities to collaborate with us in the development of circular paper grades are almost limitless! Owing to our small yet flexible paper machine and many years of experience, we are able to develop and produce tailor-made papers specially for you, also using your own residues. The minimum order quantity for such a tailor-made paper is only 2 tons.

Do you have a fibrous residue that you’d like to add value to, or are you searching for a unique and sustainable paper for your application? Let us know in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss how we can help.

Let's do sustainable business together!

Do you have a fibrous residue that you’d like to add value to, or are you searching for a unique and sustainable paper for your application? Let us know in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss how we can help.