Available throughout the entire year

Working with residues from the agricultural industry means going with the seasons. Every crop and every cultivation has another growth cycle, which means that the residues we can use in papermaking generally are not available throughout the entire year. Many customers like you want to have the certainty of year-round availability of the same type of paper. To be less relient of seasonalities, we have therefore developed foliage paper.

Foliage paper is a special grade of paper based on wood-free cellulose and a smaller amount of agricultural residues. The paper can be produced every time of the year with the same specifications and a very similar look & feel, because we use similar-looking types of agricultural residues in different parts of the year, depending on what is available during the time of production.

Foliage paper can be printed very well with various printing techniques and is also suitable for creasing and folding. As a result thereof, it is perfect for use in many applications varying from books, stationery products, flyers, envelopes and other general printing applications to packaging and hobby purposes. Foliage paper is produced to order and to your exact specification in grammages from 100 to 500 g/m2 from only 2.000 kgs.

Interested to learn more about our foliage paper?

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