Upcycling discarded jeans

Jeans are made from cotton, and cotton is one of the raw materials for some of our papers. The link between paper and residual fibres from the textile industry thus was an easy one to make when we were visiting a factory where old, discarded jeans were recycled into new yarns. In this process of jeans recycling, some fibres are also produced that are too small to be spun into yarns again, but do have the right size to make paper with. The result: a new, unique grade of paper which consists for 50% of recycled jeans fibres.

Thanks to the inclusion of these jeans fibres, our jeans paper has a soft, textile-like touch and a charasteristic jeans-blue colour that make for a unique and luxurious look & feel. The paper is perfectly suitable for printing, creasing and folding and is already used for hobby purposes and to produce luxurious carrying bags, boxes and labels, for example for the wrapping of…jeans! Jeans paper is produced to order and can be supplied in various grammages and dimensions, both on reels and sheeted.

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