Typically Dutch paper

In collaboration with a bulb grower from the northwest of The Netherlands, Schut Paper has developed a new paper grade which consists for 20% of tulip bulbs. Until recently, the overproduction of a special type of tulip bulbs was destroyed, but not anymore! By crushing the bulbs and mixing them with wood-free cellulose, we are now able to transform these bulbs into a beautiful new grade of paper. In this paper, both the brown skins and the shiny white inner part of the tulip bulbs are substly visible, for a playful and natural touch.

Our tulip bulb paper can be printed using a.o. laser- and offset equipment and is also suitable for creasing and folding. It can be used for many applications, including books, folders, year reports, general printing, packaging and hobby applications. Tulip bulb paper is made to order in any desired grammage between 100 and 500 g/m2 with a minimum order quantity of only 2.000 kgs. It can be supplied in reels or sheeted.

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