Graphical paper

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Our graphical papers are mostly equipped with special features such as watermarks, security fibres or deckled edges and are suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

Technical paper

technical paper

Many niche-applications ask for technical papers that are developed and produced to specification. With our many years of experience and small production unit, we are happy to make such papers for you.

Art paper

Aquarel paper

Schut Paper produces art papers for diverse mediums, such as coloured or graphite pencil, felt-tipped and alcohol-based markers, pen, charcoal, ink, pastel, gouache, watercolour, acryl and oil paint, etching, lithography and copperplating.

Coloured paper

paper grades

Our ability to produce coloured papers covers the entire spectrum of the rainbow. Adding a watermark or a natural-looking felt marking is also amongst the possibilities.

Circular paper


Inspired by the approach of a circular economy, we have developed several unique paper grades based on residues from a.o. the agricultural sector and the textile industry.

Security paper


With the help of various techniques such as watermarks and visible or invisible security fibres, we produce security papers for a.o. bottle labels, vouchers, diploma’s and notary papers.

Bio-degradable board

bio based

This board has impeccible wet-strength properties yet is biodegradable. With these properties, it is a sustainable alternative to plastics in applications such as plant labels and packaging.

Valorise by Schut Papier


Valorise by Schut Papier is an uncoated paper with a unique formulation based on fibres sourced from locally available tomato plant residues.

Coated paper

coated paper 1

Recently our paper machine was equipped with coating equipment that enables us to apply various functional coatings to our papers. Examples include barrièrs against e.g. alcohol or a special coating for wine labels.

Paper for every application

Paper comes in many types, colors and dimensions. Which is a good thing, as every application requires its own set of paper properties and because there are as many preferences as there are people. As a producer of high-quality specialty papers, we offer a wide variety of paper grades. Undoubtedly, our portfolio has something to offer that fits your needs like a glove!

Since we’ve produced our first grades of paper in 1618, our recipe book has only continued to expand. The four colors in our logo refer to our four main product categories: art paper, graphical paper, colored paper and technical paper. In reality however, (pretty much) everything is possible. Whether you are in search of a special kind of paper to print an exclusive book on, label paper with security features to prevent counterfeiting of expensive wine bottles or paper for a specific technical application, we are here to help you out!

The right mix of formulation and process parameters

The properties of paper are determined by the combined effects of the paper formulation and the diverse possibilities the production process has to offer. Our paper machine is equipped with various traditional and modern technologies with which a wide array of product features can be realised. Depending on your preferences, we have the ability to include security fibres or fibres from agricultural residues to the paper, as we can apply a vergé or image watermark to the paper surface. Other surface treatments, such as felt markings, surface sizing (impregnating) and (functional) coatings are also among the technological options we can offer.

You ask, we deliver!

Fully aligned with the needs and wishes of customers like yourself, it is our daily task to develop and produce new paper grades. Our recipe book already contains over 1800 different paper formulations for the most diverse kinds of paper, and it is still expanding!

Virtually all our paper grades were once developed based on a specific customer need. We would gladly put our knowledge and experience at your disposal as well. So if you’re ever in search of a suitable paper for a specific application, or with an exact set of requirements but cannot find it at your paper wholeseller, you know where to find us!

With the help of our relatively small but very flexible paper machine and our many years of experience in making paper and fibre technology, we are able to develop new paper grades in a relatively short amount of time. Considering our minimum order quantity of 2 tons, we look forward to working with you in developing your own, tailor-made grade of paper.

Are you interested?

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