Plenty of choice in types of coatings

Since a couple of years, our paper machine is equipped with an in-line coater, with which we have gained the ability to apply all sorts of (functional) coatings to our papers. This extends our product potential significantly. Examples of how we’ve put our coater to use include an art paper with a special barrier that prevents bleeding of the alcohol-based ink from popular alcohol markers (e.g. Copic-markers), or a special coating that improves adhesion of labels to wine and spirit bottles.

In the development of coated papers, we collaborate closely with our coating suppliers. They bring their own, specific expertise to the table that enables us to quickly find a suitable coating that matches the requirements of you as our customer. If necessary, the option to develop custom coatings for very specific applications is also an option. With this approach, they are complementary to us as a paper producer in the development of new, tailor-made coated paper grades.

Do you want more information or a sample?

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