Long-lasting colours

Schut Paper produces paper in all colours between bright white and deep black, including pastel and intense colours. Our coloured papers are well-known for their high brightness and unrivalled color-fastness and color-continuity. If desired, we also offer the possibility to apply a watermark to the paper and there are many options in terms of composition and surfaces.

Owing to our many years of experience, we have built extensive knowledge on the use of dyes and pigments, which we rely on continuously in the development and production of our coloured papers. Are you looking for a specific shade? Then you’ve found the right partner to work with! Throughout the entire year, we produce coloured paper for orders of 2 tons or more, and periodically also in smaller quantities.

Do let us know what your favourite colour is!

Do you have a question or have you become curious about what we can do for you when it comes to coloured paper? We'd be happy to provide you with more information or samples. Leave us a message or give us a call; we are at your service!