Special kind of circular paper

Valorise by Schut Papier is a special kind of circular paper; it is made with locally sourced fibres from tomato plants! Owing to the unique formula, the tomato plant fibres are subtly visible in the paper, providing for a distinctive, appealing and natural look and a high tactile value.

The sustainable story of this paper begins in the area on the North Sea coast near Rotterdam (Westland). The many greenhouses that can be found there are filled to the roof with tomato plants; often, these plants will grow up to 5 or 6 meters high! At the end of the summer, after the tomatoes are harvested, the plants have no purpose anymore and are therefore removed from the greenhouses. Annually, this sums up to roughly 80 million kilograms of tomato plant material, which are sent directly to the composting plant. Such a waste, we think – especially when the material can get a second life in the form of such beautiful paper!

Valorise by Schut Papier is an uncoated grade of paper and is suitable for printing with various techniques, including digital and offset printing. The paper is very suitable for creasing and easy to handle. Due to its good foldability, it is also well suited for the production of folders. Valorise by Schut Papier can be made to order in any desired grammage and size from only 2 tons. In smaller amounts, it is also available in several standard grammages and dimensions.

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