Research & development

X Rite Kiki

We continuously research and develop new possibilities to improve and renew our products and processes, with the ultimate goal to better serve you as our customer.

Bespoke paper


By means of using various raw materials and tailor-made paper formulations, we are able to quickly and flexibly respond to the most diverse needs of our customers. Challenge us with your question, and we’ll find the solution together!


Paper machine

Besides producing paper ourselves, we also offer you the potential to use our small and flexible paper machine for your own pilot productions.

Paper innovation: constantly evolving

Our world is in continuous movement. Technological developments follow up on each other at an ever increasing pace and also the way we organise our lives is continuously changing. As a company with a long history we know like no other that these societal changes induce new needs and goals in (potential) customers such as yourself. We are here to help you fulfill those dreams!

By constantly making use of the many possibilities our paper machine has to offer in different ways, the amount of recipes in our database has been expanding for over 400 years already. Our customers, our history and the world we live in are a continuous source of inspiration to keep innovating.

Our paper machine makes it happen

To serve you as our customer as best as we can, we rely on our flexible and versatile paper machine. It is equipped with various technologies that enable us to produce unique and distinctive paper grades with which you as our customer can distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Besides that, we are continuously on the lookout for ways to further expand our technological possibilities, with the ultimate goal to serve you even better in the (near) future with even more options to develop distinguished papers in a more sustainable fashion. Characteristic to our process options is therefore the combination of traditional papermaking techniques with the state-of-the-art technological possibilities of today.

Your needs at the core of our developments

Our preferred way of working is to put our 400 years of experience in the making of uncoated papers to use to bring your ideas to life. In this, we like to collaborate closely with you as our customer. By combining your needs and thoughts with our knowledge about paper, colouring and fibre technogy, the most amazing and special types of paper continue to be born.

For orders as small as 2.000 kg, we are able to develop and produce your very own grade of paper, fully according to your preferences. We also offer you the possibility to make use of our small but flexible paper machine for testing purposes. You could for example use our paper machine to experiment with new paper formulations on small industrial scale, before upscaling the production to your own (larger) paper machine. No matter whether you prefer us to do all the work, or whether you prefer to stay in control yourself, we and our paper machine are at your service to assist you in bringing your ideas to life!

Do you have a product idea that you would like to further develop together with us, or are you in search of a small paper machine to run pilot-tests on?

Let us know via the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to discuss the possibilities.