Tailor-made paper is our strength

The strength of Schut Paper lies in producing tailor-made papers to the exact specifications of our customers. Virtually without limitations in terms of dimensions, grammage and colour, and with the ability to make use of various kinds of fibres, we are at your service! With our team of well-educated engineers, modern research facilities and over 400 years of experience, we look forward to working with you in the development of new paper-based products.

For orders as small as 2000 kgs we are able to develop and produce your own, custom-made grade of paper on our paper machine. Of course, we involve you closely in the process to ensure that the result is what you expect it to be. Also when you’ve already done most of the development work yourself and just need some help with upscaling, we are here for you.

Owing to our compact organisation, we are capable of responding quickly and flexibly and think along with you every step of the way. Challenge us with your question, we’ll find the answer together!

Are you interested in working with us?

Do you have a question or have you become curious about our products and services? Would you like to receive more information or samples? Leave us a message or give us a call; we are at your service!