Schut Paper was founded in 1618 and is a paper producer that markets its high-value products worldwide. Through knowledge, innovation and flexibility, Schut Paper is able to supply a wide variety of paper grades. Our products can be categorised as either technical, graphical, art and coloured paper. Besides our own brands in art papers, almost all of our products are made to order and more often than not are produced to customer specification.

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With roughly 40 employees and one small but versatile paper machine, Schut Paper produces the most diverse high-quality paper grades that are sold to customers worldwide.


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At Schut Paper, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are self-evident. This is visual through our circular products and the various certificates and programmes we participate in.


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Our history goes centuries back in time, to the Dutch Golden Age. In the small town of Heelsum in the east of The Netherlands, a paper mill was founded over 400 years ago. Over the years, this very mill has seen many events and several owners, and ultimately developed itself into the successful company Schut Paper is today.


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On a regular basis we are looking for new colleagues who like to play a role in the production of the beautiful paper products we produce, as part of a small and flexible organisation. Will you be our new colleague?



In our company, things are never boring! Of course we want to share the fun with you, so don’t forget to keep an close eye on our news page to stay updated!