400 years back in time

The history of Schut Paper takes us back to the Dutch Golden Age. In that time, as the result of swift economic growth, society developed at a rapid pace. In the Veluwe area in the east of The Netherlands, countless small paper mills were built that gratefully made use of the clean water and the power of the fast-flowing streams in the area. One of these mills evolved over the years into the modern paper mill that Schut Paper is today.

1618: paper mill ‘De Veentjes’ is founded in the town of Heelsum; a water mill dedicated to the production of paper.

1710: The paper mill is sold to the Schut family, and the paper production is targeted at the production of quality papers from now on.

1895: The mill burns down to the ground. A new factory is built in which steam engines take over the role of the water wheels to power the machinery.

1977: The last decendants of the Schut family obtain ownership over the paper mill.

1982: The shares in the paper mill are sold by the Schut family to the Gelderse Papiergroep NV. As a result of this takeover, the mill starts producing the authentic and world-famous Van Gelder Old Dutch: a series of letter-paper and envelopes with deckled edges and vergé watermarks, some of which also contain image watermarks.

1998: The paper mill (now operating under the name Papierfabriek Schut B.V.) becomes part of the French family-owned group Exacompta Clairefontaine S.A. As part of this group, Schut Paper operates more or less independently. With this, the base is formed for a healthy future of the company.

2013: The paper mill of Schut gets a new face! The name is changed into Schut Papier (Schut Paper) and the old corporate identity is replaced by a new, fresh identity. The new and improved logo visualises the four main product groups through the four colours that are part of the logo: yellow for art papers, green for business papers, orange for coloured papers and purple for the technical and tailor-made papers. What Schut stands for, such as quality, craftsmanship and the broad product potential have remained the same, but with a new face that represents a company that is progressive and contstantly moving forward.

2018: Schut Paper celebrates its 400th birthday!

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