FSC and PEFC certified

At Schut Paper, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are self-evident. This is visible through the circular paper grades we produce and through the various certificates and programmes we participate in. We are, for example, FSC and PEFC certified*. We source our raw materials from sustainably managed forests and solely make use of chlorine-free bleached pulp. The pure water and the heat that we use in our papermaking process are re-used as often as possible and our roofs are covered with 1440 solar panels that supply roughly 25% of the energy we use. Also, we continuously research and innovate to further reduce our energy and water use and our CO2-emissions.

Schut Paper is Natural Captain in the platform biodiversity, ecosystems and economy (BEE). Natural captains are the leading companies in the Dutch business world who actively translate the thinking and working with natural resources into visible actions. As Natural Captain, we search for solutions to make financial growth go hand in hand with conscious and smart use of natural resources, together with other key players in our business. For Schut Paper, this is all about the use of fibrous residues as locally available raw materials for papermaking and the marketing of these paper products. The video below (in Dutch) explains this further:

* Our FSC- en PEFC-certificates are available for download below. Our sustainability reports are also available upon request.


FSC Certificate

PEFC Certificate

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